Flamenco Training System is an exercise and nutritional regime created to gain endurance, muscle tone, core strength and to improve performance through functional movements and dynamic stretches; it also focus on reduce the risk of injuries and improves posture. It was created by

Evelyn Flamenco. Evelyn has been a personal trainer since 2010 and has a Bachelor degree in Nutritio and an specialization on sport performance;  her knowledge about wellness, exercise science and nutrition, and her passion for continuous learning and her innovated thinking make her a lifestyle influence for her clients and her community. You can schedule a complementary personal training session where she will also answer all your questions about her personal training and nutrition program. There will not be sales pressure. 

To contact Evelyn send a message to ev.flamenco@gmail.com , she will replay in less than 48 hours. She loves to talk about nutrition and fitness, help others to stay motivated and provide information you need to achieve your fitness goals. 

What we will work:

- Stabilization: We will improve balance; stabilization of the core musculature; prevent tissue overload by preparing muscles, tendons ligaments and joints for the upcoming imposed demands of training. We will improve overall cardiorespiratory and neuromuscular condition and establish proper movement patterns and exercise technique.

-Strength: We will increase muscle size, strength and tone using natural and scientific protocols.

-Power: We will focus on high intensity training combining force, velocity and coordination drills.

-Flexibility: We will provide the exercises and techniques to promote optimal range of motion and overall sense of wellness (a flexible body).

**All personal trainer programs include monthly nutritional consultation and customized meal plan**



Address: 2570 S Colorado Blvd, Denver CO 80222
E-mail: ev.flamenco@gmail.com

Instagram: @flamencotrainingsystem

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