Online and onsite personal training and nutritional consultations

Flamenco Training System is form of training that combines calisthenics, Pilates, gymnastics, sport conditioning and dancing elements.

We create customized workouts and nutritional plans to help each of our clients to gain muscle, to build strong curves or a muscular physique. 

We also focus on  give you the skills to promote strength and mobility  essentials for a healthy and fit body. We are dedicated to enhance your  body mobility and invigorate your lifestyle through exercise science and pure movement.



In our modern culture we use so many repetitive movement patterns such driving, texting and typing. As a result we develop tight shoulders that often create pain, muscle imbalances and strength limitations. One of our  goals  is also to correct  any imbalances. We can help you to sustain any  gym workouts, your hobbies (snowboarding, golfing, hiking, gardening, etc.) and overall wellness.

What we will work:

- Stabilization: We will improve your balance, the stabilization of your core muscles and prepare your tendons, ligaments and joints for the upcoming  demands of strength training.

-Movement: We will improve overall cardio respiratory conditioning and coordination and you will learn proper exercise techniques and how to use your muscles efficiently, so you can maximize your results and prevent injuries.  

-Strength: You will gain muscle mass, strength. Our program focus on create long and lean muscles using natural and scientific protocols.

-Power: We will focus on high intensity training combining force, velocity and coordination drills.

-Flexibility: We will provide the exercises and techniques to promote optimal range of motion and overall sense of wellness (a flexible body).

**All personal trainer programs include monthly nutritional consultation and customized meal plan**

 We are dedicated to enhance your fitness!! 


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