If you have been struggling with your fat loss,  I would like to provide you some steps that you can follow to boost your fat loss. First of all, DON'T PANIC, when we stress out about getting leaner, we just increase our cortisol production, common effects of high cort...

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The workout consists in 3 exercises, focused mainly on push movements. I show 3 different variation for each exercises:

1) Low quick step up (beginners), low step jump (intermediate), high step jump (advanced) - get 3 sets of 5 each.

2) Push ups: Kneeling push ups (beginner), regular push ups (intermediate), jack push ups (advance) - do 3 sets of 5.

3) Lunges:  Forward lunges (beginners), split lunges (intermediate), butt-kicker jumps (advance)- do 3 sets of 5 per leg.


I am a big fan of heavy lifting, specially when I'm training my legs. Most women run away about this technique because they feel scare about getting "too muscular" or "too manly".

The truth is: YOU NEED MUSCLES !!! specially if one of your goals is tone up. If you  are a beginner, you have to go slow and make sure your tendons and muscles are adapting to the loads properly.

My rule is: "use the maximum amount of weight you can handle without losing your form". 

There are a lot of techniques you can use to increase your maximum strength, but I suggest always be supervised by a professional who checks your form and spots you effectively. 

When you go heavy, go on low the reps and increase the sets (5-3 sets of 5 per exercise, perhaps). Pick up 3 compound exercises like squats, leg press and lunges. Remember warming up with 10 min of cardio and dynamic stretching exercises before you start your workout.


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