Evelyn Flamenco

Evelyn has been a fitness professional for more than 15 years.

Her philosophy has been always: Focus on truly HELPING customers. Her undying passion, focus and professionalism in regards to working out is contagious. She's kind and understanding with her clients and she makes sure to provide the right modifications; to keep her clients injury free and progressing according to their fitness level and goals.

One of her main objectives for every client is to be able to do at least 10 full push ups. She have  customers and friends to feel more confident about their bodies, to be more flexible and stronger.  She considers herself a privilege to be a part of so many peoples lives.

Evelyn believes that “Everyone is an amazing athlete and it is her job as a trainer  to bring out those strengths and skills, the only thing that keeps us away from our potential is lack of accountability, do not have scientific information about what workouts we should be doing according to our individual characteristic and our belief systems (mind over matter, if you can believe it, you can achieve it)."

On her free time, Evelyn loves to spend time on nature or with her family and close friends. She loves to read books about self actualization, philosophy and exercise sciences. She also loves to practice yoga, gymnastics and dancing.

Evelyn believes that healthy eating habits are the statements of an optimal health; that why she eats healthy non processed plant based meals 80% of the timeShe practice what she preach. 



-B.S Nutrition and Dietetics

-N.A.S.M  Personal Trainer

-Sport Performance Specialist


-Hip Hop Certified Teacher 

-Assisted Stretch Specialist 2019

-Gymnastic Coach

-Stretching, Cardio, Bodybuilding and Corrective Exercise Specialist​

-1st place  Physique Competition Bodybuilding El Salvador 2004 and 2006

-2nd place Fitness America Musclemania.

Denver CO 2012

-Figure Novice NPC championship and Open 5th and 3rd place. Denver CO 2013 and 2014 

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